Protestors block NYC intersection on day of Dobbs decision.

Educational resources

Video: "Reproductive justice and Israel's war on Gaza," report by Charlotte Strauss Swanson, 11/19/23

Beware of False Feminists Preaching Transphobia, Factsheet on Women's Declaration International, 9/16/23

What is the Hyde Amendment?, by Robin Strauss, 9/17/23

National Mobilization statement on 5th Circuit Court ruling against the abortion pill, 8/17/23.

Statement against redbaiting attacks on Rise Up for Abortion Rights, by Radical Women, adopted by National Mobilization

Fascism and reproductive policies, 4/16/23

Legal issues surrounding medication abortion, 6/16/23

Background on attacks on medication abortions, 3/19/23

What is the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising?, 3/19/23

Status of abortion laws and access in the U.S.

VIDEO: "Perspectives from grassroots leaders," Opening panel from "Fighting for our Lives: Action Conference for Reproductive Justice". Conference resolution.

"Unsung Mothers of the Movement: A Radical Herstory on Black Southern Networks Facilitating Abortion Access Before and After Roe v. Wade," by Hailey Broughton-Jones

Demographics: who has abortions in the U.S.?

"Ableism and Reproductive Health," speech by Kendra Scalia, New York. Watch on video.

Films on reproductive rights

Who was Rosie Jiménez?

Los Angeles forum "Remembering Rosie Jimenez: Fighting for Reproductive Justice Today"

Lessons from before Roe

What is reproductive justice?

Reproductive health links

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