Poster for conference with woman of color with fist raised.

Resolution adopted by "Fighting For Our Lives" conference

August 27, 2022

We, attendees of the “Fighting for Our Lives: Action Conference for Reproductive Justice”

• Confirm our determination to secure abortion rights and full reproductive justice across the U.S.
• Affirm the need to build a multi-racial, multi-gender, multi-generational, multi-able movement that is politically diverse, independent, democratic and defends and centers the needs and leadership of queer Black women and others who are most marginalized.
• Commit to mobilizing the power of working people and youth through our unions, schools and community organizations.
• Embrace the intersectional demands of reproductive justice and incorporate them in our own actions, including the October 1 Rosie Jiménez Day observance, and other mobilizations for human rights and bodily autonomy.

Solidarity! ¡Venceremos!

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